Chocolate for your love

RecyclaWith Valentine’s Day approaching, you’re probably thinking about what to get your True Love (or yourself.)

Today, Recycla is here to talk about CHOCOLATE.

Yahoo Images

Yahoo Images

Chocolate is a big part of Valentine’s Day and for good reason. This product of the cocoa bean has been revered for centuries for its aphrodisiac qualities. And isn’t love what Valentine’s Day is all about?

So don’t just go to the store and buy your True Love a heart-shaped box of generic candy — get something special.

But what’s good enough for your True Love?

Does your hometown have a local gourmet chocolate shop? Shop local! Recycla is lucky enough to have a few amazing gourmet chocolate shops in her town. They use the freshest ingredients and make their chocolates by hand, one at a time

If you don’t have a gourmet chocolate shop in your town, search for organic and Fair Trade options. Why? Organic chocolate keeps pesticides and chemical fertilizers out of the cocoa beans, promoting a safer and healthier Planet Earth. Many organic chocolates are Fair Trade — opt for thisand you’ll help ensure livable wages for farmers in developing nations.

Luckily, it is getting easier to find organic and Fair Trade chocolates. Unlike just five or so years ago, you no longer have to shop at organic or gourmet stores or online. Now, you can find organic and Fair Trade at conventional grocery stores, Target, and sometimes even in convenience stores.

Tell the Eco Women: What is your favorite chocolate?

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