Upcycled Plastic at Method

Enviro Girl has been a fan of Method cleaning products for a while now.  She likes their reasonable price points, decent smells, performance and availability.  She feels like they consistently make a safe, non-toxic line of cleaning products using some … Continue reading

And Speaking of Reducing Your Plastic…

Congratulations to our Anniversary Giveaway Winners! Little Miss Sunshine State, Shirley and Jen A. each won an Eco Women canvas shopping tote.   Enjoy! Over here at Eco Women, we’ve promoted a myriad of ways to reduce your use of plastic … Continue reading

Plastic Shopping Bag Facts

According to American Plastic Manufacturing, a pro-plastic bag source, the average per capita plastic bag use is 500 bags a year.  They claim this amount is the equivalent of half a gallon of gas.  Alone, this amount seems paltry.  But … Continue reading

Environmentalists Lose Plastic Bag Battle–But the War’s Not Over

Enviro Girl has long despised the plastic bag.  It’s the #1 form of litter she finds when cleaning rural ditches and fields.  It represents the ultimate form of single-use waste.  Heck, a lot of times she’s watched people purchase an … Continue reading