Environmental Education 101: How to Train a New Generation of Eco-Activists

This topic is near and dear to Enviro Girl’s heart, especially as we celebrate Earth Day this Sunday.  All the great superheroes train up a new generation of crime-fighting warriors.  The same must be true for those on the environmental front:  we have an obligation to teach our children how to protect the planet and its resources and we have to explain why it’s an important value.   In Enviro Girl’s mind, this boils down to a short list of 3 easy things we can do as parents and teachers: Continue reading

Teach Our Children Well Part II

After realizing that she was not talking the talk as efficiently as walking the walk around her children, Enviro Girl knew she had to make more of an effort to connect the dots through discussion.  Not in a preachy, pedantic way, mind you, but in a casual, “hey, look at this pile of food waste we’re carrying to our compost pile!  That’s a LOT of waste we’re diverting from the landfill!” kind of way. Continue reading